Train to Win Mega Bundle

Train to Win Mega Bundle


ALL 12 Train to Win Classes of 2024 for $1400 – $700 down and I will invoice $700 in April (Savings of $220)

Refund Policy *

There are no refunds unless I am unable to teach.

Once your class /lesson is confirmed I will use our email as confirmation. If your cancel notice isn’t within the below parameters, a rebooking fee applies or registration fees paid are forfeited. So PLEASE try and make every effort to be at your class/lesson.

In order to cancel, please text 817-681-5143 AND email [email protected].

CLASSES: 72 hours notice is needed for a class.
-If you are before the 72 hour mark, you may transfer to the next available class that has room.
-If you cancel before the 48 hour mark, you may rebook to the next available class that has room for $50.
-If you cancel within 24 hours of class start time, all registration fee’s are forfeited.

-If 24 hour notice is given, you may rebook for FREE once. If another rebooking is needed after that, a $50 rebook fee applies.
-If +2 hours notice is given for a lesson you may rebook for $50.
-If -2 hours notice is given all registration fee’s are forfeited.


Train to Win Mega Bundle

ALL 12 Train to Win Classes of 2024 for $1400 – $700 down and I will invoice $700 in April (Savings of $220)

Small Range Fee due on class day: $15
**If you have a conflict with the date that Train To Win is scheduled, you may substitute a private lesson!**

Class Description:

This class used to be called “Practice Day”.

You have a gun, now what? You HAVE to train! You need to learn the ins and outs of ‘every day carry’ in a positive environment. This is not competition based trainingThis is training for scenarios that you might encounter in your daily life.

You’ve ideally had a Beginner Handgun  and Conceal with Confidence or holster draw, and now it’s time to train your brain during scenario based training! This class bases the drills on your comfort and speed. From just getting started to advanced, the scenarios are based on your level of training. All drills will be “from the holster or from concealment”. How do you carry your personal protection device in public? This is how students participate. You’ll need a well maintained firearm and an approved concealment option. Please email me with any questions @ [email protected].

Pulling a trigger is very easy. Training the brain to work under stress is another story. You need frequent exposure to “running your gun” that does not include standing still in a shooting stall.

Each class is different.  Concepts that may be included:


  • Dynamic shooting” – meaning you’re not in a lane, standing still.
  • May include Unarmed Self Defense concepts.
  • May include basic shooting fundamentals.
  • May include where we can use less lethal options.
  • WILL include scenarios that are relevant to today’s criminal climate.
  • May include positional shooting to include sitting, kneeling etc.
  • May include shooting from cover/concealment.
  • May include malfunction clearing under stress.
  • May include shooting with an elevated heart rate.
  • May include decision making under duress.
  • and much more!


Legal disclaimer ~ The class title “Train to Win” has no implication of winning. “May the odds be ever in your favor”…but this may definitely increase your odds.


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