I get asked all the time what products or ranges I would recommend, so I thought I’d share!

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US Law Shield

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Lindsey Leigh Harris is your “Safe Home” Realtor

“As a real estate agent my goal is to teach every person I encounter on how to PROTECT + DEFEND their home and the loved ones who live inside it. I want to make sure that the home I help you find will always remain a place where you feel safest.”

I love Crossbreed‘s Modular Belly Band Package. It includes a Kydex trigger guard that has velcro and sticks to the inside of the belly band. They have great options for men and women!

We love Laser Strike training systems. This is especially useful during times like this when ammo is such a hot commodity. You can train safely at home without using up your precious ammo!

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Legion Defense Solutions will make custom design holsters and has an option for a holster that will stay on leggings as well!
Robert Boyd

If ya’ll know me, you know how much I love Triple C Range. That’s predominantly where we train and it’s the most beautiful outdoor range in the good ‘ol USA!

If you’re looking for a gun shop in the DFW area, these are your guys! Lead Heads are helpful, kind, and trustworthy.