Hello, I’m Mindy Kay Ray

Proud to be born and raised in Texas! I’m a mother to two beautiful daughters (who compete in shooting events), and I’m wife to superman (who also shoots). I’m a proud supporter of our second amendment rights and I am PRO SELF DEFENSE.

Mindy Kay Ray, Womens Firearm Instructor in Dallas Fort Worth TexasI began my quest to become an instructor to help men, women, and children in the DFW and surrounding areas feel comfortable and confident using a firearm for fun, for sport, or self protection. We must train our youth. In today’s society, understanding and using personal protection is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity.  

I specialize in training women.  I have a  way about me that puts my students at ease, thus creating a more enjoyable learning experience. You’re likely to hear me say, “a comfortable shooter is a safe shooter”, and you’ll never catch me being condescending to a student. 

You can find me most weekends teaching classes, private lessons, or on the competition field as a competitor and/or instructor. I’m a huge advocate of learning how to “shoot under time/stress”. I love teaching fundamentals as well as understanding the great importance of learning to control your heart rate while shooting under stress. On the day you ultimately need to defend life, your heart rate wont be where its at while you’re reading this.

When one person teaches, two learn. I am always the student. 

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