Refund Policy

There are no refunds unless I am unable to teach.
Once your class /lesson is confirmed I will use our email as confirmation. If your cancel notice isn’t within the below parameters, a rebooking fee applies or registration fees paid are forfeited. So PLEASE try and make every effort to be at your class/lesson.
In order to cancel, please text 817-681-5143 AND 
CLASSES: 72 hours notice is needed for a class.
  • If you are before the 72 hour mark, you may transfer to the next available class that has room.
  • If you cancel before the 48 hour mark, you may rebook to the next available class that has room for $50.
  • If you cancel within 24 hours of class start time, all registration fee’s are forfeited. 
  • If 24 hour notice is given, you may rebook for FREE once. If another rebooking is needed after that, a $50 rebook fee applies.
  • If +2 hours notice is given for a lesson you may rebook for $50.
  • If -2 hours notice is given all registration fee’s are forfeited.