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Conceal with Confidence February 21st, 2021


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Conceal with Confidence is an Intermediate class for Self Defense that has you drawing from concealment, shooting and problem solving.

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“I have had a formal beginner handgun class and I have or am currently in the process of obtaining TX LTC (formerly CHL). This class IS ONLY for those intending to carry a firearm on the body, and for those with beginner handgun knowledge. What does that mean? 1.) I know the 4 NRA Safety Rules 2.) I know how to confidently work my gun (proper load & make ready) 3.) I know how to confidently hit my target.. IF NOT, please take “Beginner Handgun” or “Ladies Only 1st Shots & LTC”

Your training is split between class and range time. It is IMPERATIVE you get to the classroom on time. An email will be sent out the week of your class with detailed directions to the classroom. The range is #%&$*&# HUGE. From the paved highway you will go through the main gate on to the gravel road. The classroom is less than, as in NOT MORE THAN, one mile in from the main gate. You will see a series of buildings off to the right. The classroom is the brown metal building with white bay doors. You can park anywhere (including in front of the big white doors). The door to enter the classroom is on the right side of the building.


Conceal and Carry with Confidence from the Beginning (Ladies Only)

February 21st, 2021

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Seating is limited & available on 1st come, 1st serve basis for safety of all students.
This is a four hour class designed to develop safe & well rounded shooters. You may have received your Texas License to Carry but “HOW do I carry”?
Conceal with Confidence is an Intermediate class for Self Defense that has you drawing from concealment, shooting and problem solving.

Included will be:
• Review of safety and fundamentals.
• Proper range etiquette (what to expect) for a live fire class, this being the 1st for many aside from your LTC (License to Carry).
• Essentials of great & not so great concealment options based on your personal body type.
• How to safely draw and return to concealment, before adding in live fire.
• Then we take it to the range to practice and implement skills learned in a slow and controlled environment. Speed comes later.
• There will be an emphasis on scenarios that simulate having loved ones involved in a threat encounter and how to keep them safe.

• Safe handgun skills is the #1 PRIORITY.
• License to carry is helpful.
• Basic handgun knowledge. Load, unload, show clear, etc. This is NOT a “1st shots” class. It is a “1st shots from holster class”.

• Working handgun (preferably a centerfire gun)
• 150 rounds of “target” ammunition.
• Eye & ear protection.
• OWB/IWB Holster (Outside the waistband, inside the waistband) or concealment option. IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING YET, IT’S OKAY! We have holsters for you to try out. This is also a great class if you’re wanting to try different concealment holster options before you buy.

• Bra holsters
• Soft side collapsible holsters (you CAN use a bellyband)
• Cross draw holsters
• Serpa holsters
• Ankle holsters
• Behind-the-back holsters
…these are NOT allowed during live-fire portion of course. (Contact with questions.)

Pack snacks & bring water. Hydration is your responsibility!

ATTIRE: Range appropriate attire.
• Long pants are a good idea.
• Closed-toe shoes (NON NEGOTIABLE)
• High collared shirt (t-shirts are good, tank top or vneck is not).
• Brimmed ball cap or visor cap recommended but not required.
• Rain gear, just in case.
• Sunscreen

*Rentals and remainder of class fee (if any) done morning of class.
NO VIDEO POLICY! To protect the privacy and learning experience of ALL students. There is a strict NO VIDEO policy during class. Having your phone out is a safety issue on it’s own.

Cancellation: 50% of class fee is a non-refundable deposit (all efforts will be made to transfer you to another class).

No-Show: Participants who do not show to the event without prior 72-hour notice forfeit their total registration fees.

Please Note:
I am a “one man show”, wife, & mother. If I get sick or there are unforeseen circumstances or emergencies that cause a class to be cancelled, please have grace.

All efforts will be made to reschedule the class with as much notice as possible.

If a reschedule is not possible for you, a refund will be issued via paper check within 14 business days.


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