Hi y’all!

This year I have made a valiant effort and goal to get out there and train more. So, you’ll be seeing more posts about the different classes I’ve done soon! I truly believe that as an instructor, we should continue to broaden and expand our knowledge base. The problem I am finding, is finding quality instructor level training. It’s harsh but true. There’s not much out there in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, or they’re hiding because they’re scared of me! My hope is to change that.

I am the minority in firearms instructor classes being that I am female. I’m not just female, I’m straight up girly. Hairspray, lip gloss the whole nine yards. I’m not changing a thing!  My philosophy is, I can be feminine, and I can shoot.

On to the good stuff. On June 9th, 10th, and 11th I attended a Pistol Mounted Optics Instructor course. It was taught by Erick Gelhaus and we trained on the private range at the beautiful Dallas Pistol Club in Carrollton, Texas. This range is very well located for those coming in from out of state. Airports, hotels, and food are very close by. The range is car friendly, meaning you do not need a truck or SUV.

I added a PMO (Pistol Mounted Optic) to my own every day carry gun in January. The optic is often referred to as a “red dot” or RMR. I’ve had my own personal coaching session every week on my PMO since the beginning of the year. Although I haven’t been using them since fresh out of the womb, I have a good understanding and knowledge base of how to use one, and to help my students begin their journey. To be honest, I love my old school iron sights but as age rears its ugly head, our vision sometimes suffers. A PMO helps with that immensely. I have stigmatism and run the PMO without issue. Pistol mounted optics are here to stay and are taking the gun industry by storm.

About the instructor – Erick Gelhaus. He has a teacher’s heart. And this is refreshing. A lady can spot someone teaching for passion vs teaching for the dollar better than you can imagine. You can read more about Erick and his company here https://cougarmountainsolutions.com/instructor.html

This class gave me everything I need to “teach pistol mounted optics”. Unlike some instructors out there, I don’t know everything and I am hungry to learn. The concept of teaching an instructor how to teach the class gets overlooked by some instructor classes. I’m in your class to learn how to teach and present the material from those who’ve walked the road before me. Erick NAILED IT. For the price of his class, $600, I received training AND all materials needed to teach the information. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Good job Erick! You are a gem to instructors and hopefully I can encourage other female instructors that you sir, are the real deal.

Female instructors – YOU are needed in this industry. You are needed to be a quality instructor to the largest growing demographic in the gun industry. Your training dollars would be well spent with Erick. I had the best time on the range and in class with this group of professionals.

One last note. We were asked to name a positive and negative about the class. I watched Erick physically take notes and write these things down. My positive – getting everything I needed to teach the class. My negative (that turned positive) was asking the guys not to apologize for their words, or for being guys. I expect a certain amount of crudeness for lack of better terms. When I said don’t apologize, I know exactly what I’m registering for…he said and I quote “It’s because we want you back in here”. That’s not a tear. Allergies are real bad right now 😉

The class was hosted by Wayne Dobbs, thank you for bringing such a quality individual in for us to learn from!  Class “mom” was Bill Foster – thanks for feeding us, Bill!

This was written in hopes to encourage more ladies to level up and take instructor level classes. The men in this class were very helpful, very accepting and not condescending in the least!

My class gear:

Just a few guys who were students in class beside me:


See you on the range! MKR